About Whitney Mongé

There are moments in a performance where an artist gets lost. Where they just let go, allowing themselves to be vulnerable and to feel across the depth and breadth of their being. It is in that state where Whitney Mongé lives and creates.

The Crocodile 9/28/16 - Photo by Jason Tang

The Crocodile 9/28/16 – Photo by Jason Tang

Whitney learned to capture the power of authenticity while honing her skills as a street performer. With or without elevation of a stage, each part of her performance, from the passion of her powerful, smokey voice to the intensity of a whispered lyric, draws listeners into an embrace within each truthful moment of song. Whitney was raised with rhythm and blues in her blood, but while growing up in the Pacific Northwest, her music was heavily influenced by the rock scene of the 90’s coining her own genre, Alternative Soul.

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Photo by Kingmon Creative (2016)

With a raspy break at the edges of her rich and sultry voice, she has drawn comparisons to Alabama Shakes’ lead singer, Brittany Howard. The narratives of which she draws upon give voice to the marginalized, display the vulnerability and depth within her songwriting and call to mind artists like Tracy Chapman.

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Whitney Mongé Live at Tractor Tavern 2/24/15 – Photo by Kingmon Creative

Having been featured in the award winning Find Your Way: a Busker’s Documentary (2014), and releasing a pair of critically acclaimed albums, Whitney has poured herself into a new project. Her upcoming album, Stone, captures her evolution as a performer and songwriter in a powerful way, laying bare the wonderment and restlessness of a gifted artist’s search for their place, their voice and for a sense of belonging.


Find Your Way: a Busker’s Documentary (2014)

On January 16th, 2017, Whitney sold out her first show at The Triple Door Theater for her new EP release, “Stone”. The show caught the attention of local news station KING 5 and was featured on Evening Magazine; the longest running evening show in the US. Check out her interview with Saint Byran: